Hazardous Tree Removal Should Be Done Before A Storm Knocks The Tree Down

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Hazardous Tree Removal Should Be Done Before A Storm Knocks The Tree Down

5 September 2023
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A hazardous tree is one that could cause harm if it fell. If you have a large plot of land and a dying tree is off by itself and not near farm animals, buildings, or people, it might not be considered hazardous even if it's sick. You could probably let nature run its course rather than cut the tree down.

However, there's a risk the infection could spread to other trees, so it's probably a good idea to get advice from a tree removal company when you have a damaged or dying tree on your land. Here are the details to know.

Don't Put Off The Tree Removal

Injured and dying trees are unpredictable. A big limb could fall when you least expect it and when your kids or pets are in the yard. While the tree is the most dangerous during heavy rain or strong wind, a dead tree can fall or drop heavy limbs at any time. The longer you put off calling a hazardous tree removal service, the greater the risk of the tree falling since its condition will get worse.

Hazardous tree removal is done with great care so working on the tree doesn't cause it to fall. Just like any other tree removal job, a hazardous tree is taken down starting at the top. The workers might use a crane to reach the top of the tree so they don't have to climb up in it. The pieces of the tree can be controlled with ropes as they're lowered to the ground so the work proceeds safely.

You Might Need Emergency Help After The Tree Falls

A hazardous tree might fall into the street, on top of your cars in the driveway, or on your roof. If this happens, you may need emergency tree removal services so you can clear the street or get the tree off of your roof. In some cases, you might get help paying for tree removal from your insurance company, your city, or FEMA depending on whether severe weather caused the tree to fall.

If cost is an issue for you, talk to your city or the tree removal company about ways to get help with the cost of tree removal. However, if the tree fell due to neglect, you may have to pay for tree removal yourself. That's why it's best to have the tree taken down before a bad storm rolls through your area.

You Might Need To Plant A New Tree

Regulations and laws vary by city, so you'll want to understand your responsibilities before you have the tree removed. You might need a permit first. If your city is strong on conservation, you might need to plant a new tree in your yard when an old one is removed. Your city might even have a list of approved trees to choose from for your replacement. The tree service can answer your questions and help you through the process of cutting down a hazardous tree and hauling off the debris so you know what to expect before work begins.

Contact a local company to learn more about hazardous tree removal.