What Does The Tree Removal Process Look Like?

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What Does The Tree Removal Process Look Like?

23 May 2023
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Do you have a problematic tree that needs to be removed? Before the project, it can be helpful to know what to expect. The tree removal process can be broken down into four pinpointed steps. 

Planning the Tree Removal 

The first step is to plan the tree removal. The tree service professional will visit your property, visually assess the tree, and take measurements. The planning process also usually includes assessing the tree's condition, the surrounding area, and the necessary safety precautions that will be required to ensure the removal is carried out safely. Once the tree service professional finishes evaluating the area, they will likely give you a cost estimate and discuss things like: 

  • What to expect during the removal process
  • How long the removal project will take 
  • How you can get prepared for the project (e.g. moving vehicles or lawn furniture out of the way) 

Cutting Down the Trees 

The next step is the process of actually cutting down the tree. The cutting process is usually done with a chainsaw, but other tools may be necessary depending on the size and condition of the tree. Trees are not cut down all at one time unless they are small. Typically, the professional will start at the top of the tree and remove each main limb from the tree first. They will work their way down until all main limbs are removed. Then, the remaining limbless tree will be cut down into sections until the full tree is down. 

Removing the Tree Pieces and Tree Stump 

Once the tree is cut down, the large pieces will be removed from the area. If the tree is especially large, heavy equipment may be used to lift the large pieces out of the area. For example, a large crane may be used to pick up large sections and load them onto a truck for disposal. The tree stump also needs to be removed from the area, which will involve using a stump grinder to break down the stump and large tree roots into mulch. 

Cleaning the Area

The final step is to clean up the area surrounding where the tree was removed. This includes removing any debris left behind by the tree removal process. An average-size tree can create a substantial amount of tree limbs. Most tree service professionals will bring along a wood chipper, which breaks down the limbs and debris into smaller shavings. These shavings take up less space and are easier to haul away, but they can also be used for compost on your property if you prefer.  

For more information about tree removal, contact a local company.