4 Ways A Tree Trimming Service May Trim The Trees In Your Yard

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4 Ways A Tree Trimming Service May Trim The Trees In Your Yard

28 February 2023
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Trees in the woods may grow wild and not need to be trimmed, but trees growing in your city yard are a different story. City lots are often too small to let trees grow however they want. Branches can grow into your roof, toward power lines, or toward your driveway and block your view.

To keep your trees from being safety hazards and to help them stay attractive, you'll probably need to have tree trimming services regularly. You can trim the trees yourself when they're small, but when the trees get tall, it's better to let professionals take care of trimming branches and removing limbs. Here are some ways you might have your trees trimmed.

1. Trim Off Lower Branches Near The Trunk

If the lower branches are a problem because they grow over your sidewalk and annoy people or because they grow against your house, you may want them to be trimmed back against the trunk so you won't need to have them cut back every year. Plus, your yard won't seem so crowded when the lower branches are removed and out of your way.

This is sometimes called tree raising since it leaves the canopy higher above the ground. This lets in more light and also removes weight from the tree.

2. Trim Branches That Bother Your Roof

You may enjoy trees that provide shade for your roof so you can save money on your cooling bill. However, you don't want the branches to get so close to your house that they brush the roof or provide a way for raccoons, squirrels, and rats to get on the roof. You may need to have tree trimming services for these branches done every year or two to protect your roof.

3. Trim Excess Growth To Thin The Canopy

Some species of trees grow their branches in erratic directions. While they have an interesting look, that can cause certain areas of the trees to have grown so thick that moss and algae grow on the trees and everything under them that's in constant shade.

If the canopies of your trees make too much shade, a tree trimming company can cut out some of the branches to let more sunshine through. This could also brighten your yard and help your grass grow. Your tree may be healthier too due to more sun and air circulation on the trunk.

4. Trim To Improve The Tree's Appearance

Tree trimming is also done to remove dead branches that make the tree unattractive. Trimming can also balance the tree's appearance if one side has more branches than the other. Trimming can also help shape the tree so it has a manicured look that makes your yard look well-tended.

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