Telltale Signs Your Tree Is Stressed And Needs Professional Care

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Telltale Signs Your Tree Is Stressed And Needs Professional Care

15 December 2022
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Like most people, you may not know that a tree can get stressed. Note that, like most living things, trees also face stressful conditions, and they might die if they cannot adapt well or get the proper care they need. Usually, the tree shows signs of slow growth when its health deteriorates. Ultimately, the only way to save a stressed tree is to learn the telltale signs. This way, you can seek professional tree services on time to revive it. Here are signs that your tree is strained and needs proper care.

The Bark is Falling

A tree's bark is its protective layer against external elements. In addition, it protects the inner parts of the tree from bacteria, bugs, dust, mold, and other foreign elements that might attack it. For instance, if you accidentally hit a tree with a chair, only the bark will be affected. As such, it will peel off depending on the intensity of the force and heal with time. On the other hand, a stressed tree will start to lose this protective layer, making it more susceptible to damage. So, when you notice the tree bark falling off, get in touch with a tree care expert.

The Tree Has Small Leaves

If you love spending time in the yard relaxing or taking care of the trees, you will likely know each tree's standard size. Sometimes, you may spot some small leaves on one of your trees. Note that if the presence of the smaller leaves increases over time, it could mean that the plant is straining and needs proper care. The good news is an arborist can identify the problem and recommend a new tree care routine to restore its health.

Unusual Damages on the Trunk

Can you see sizable cracks on the tree trunk? In most cases, the presence of one crack may not necessarily mean that the tree is stressed. However, if there are numerous cracks, it could signify that you have an issue. Moreover, such gaps create a conducive environment for disease and decay, affecting the tree's health. So, ensure you inspect the trunk regularly, and if you notice numerous cracks, inform your arborist.

Shedding of Leaves

Most trees shed their leaves during the fall, but you should be concerned if this happens during spring or summer. Shedding of leaves before autumn is a surefire sign the tree is straining and won't likely make enough food when all the leaves are gone. In some cases, the tree canopy grows thinner and will require specialized care and more nutrients to sustain its needs.

Once you notice that your tree is stressed, do not ignore it. Instead, get a tree service expert to examine the cause of the strain and remedy the situation. Note that if you don't get the plant back to track, you'll likely lose it, which can be devastating if the tree has sentimental value.

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