These Trees Need More Frequent Trims

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These Trees Need More Frequent Trims

21 November 2022
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Most trees, once they reach maturity, are quite self-sufficient. They might need a branch removed here or there, but they stay in good health without being heavily trimmed each year. However, there are trees that benefit from more frequent pruning — often an annual visit from the tree trimmer. In some cases, this is because their branches tend to cross and become unstable as they grow. In other cases, it's because the tree tends to develop an "ugly" shape without this maintenance. 

So, which trees are these? Here are three key trees that you should have trimmed regularly if you have them on your land. 

Crabapple Trees

Crabapple trees require frequent pruning for two reasons. First, they tend to develop a lot of crossed branches, which become overly laden with fruit and may break due to the weight of the fruit. Regular trimming ensures these branches are removed so the tree's fruit load stays more manageable. Second, some crabapples like to send down suckers, which are branches that penetrate the soil and develop into roots. These need to be trimmed away so your tree maintains a tidy appearance and a single trunk.

Eucalyptus Trees

These gorgeous, fresh-smelling trees have a secret. They create a resin, and that resin tends to accumulate in some branches more than others. If the really resin-laden branches are not trimmed away, they can break and fall to the ground. This makes a mess. It is easier to have the branches trimmed away so the mess stays contained.

Box Elder Trees

Box elder trees are known for being messy. They drop a lot of leaves and small, winged fruits all over the place. Trimming the tree annually will not stop the leaf shed. However, it will minimize it. Your tree trimmer will remove unnecessary branches so that you don't have any more mess than is necessary to clean up. Regular trimming also ensures any damaged and bleeding branches are removed, which limits the number of box elder bugs you'll see around the tree. (These red and black bugs can show up in droves when a tree has damaged, seeping branches.)

Some trees only need to be trimmed on occasion, but the trees above really do need to be trimmed more often. If you have any of these trees on your land, contact a tree care company and have them come out annually. They will do what needs to be done to keep your tree and land in good shape.

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