Call A Tree Service About These Problems

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Call A Tree Service About These Problems

2 August 2022
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If your tree is growing into power lines, has lost a limb, or is dead, then it is fairly obvious that you need to call a tree service. However, other tree problems can be easier to ignore—and often are ignored simply because homeowners don't realize a tree service can help. If you take care of your trees, you'll deal with fewer home and land problems overall. Here are a few less obvious issues you can call a tree service about.  

Exposed Roots

Sometimes tree roots will grow so close to the surface of the ground that they become exposed when the soil erodes around them. Other times, the roots simply grow near the surface of the soil and emerge over the top of the ground once they grow larger. These exposed roots can pose a problem for you, and also for the tree. You and others might trip over the roots as you walk across the yard. You may hit the roots with the lawn mower, damaging them and putting the tree at risk for infection and disease.

If you call a tree service about the roots, they can take a look and determine your best course of action. They may be able to remove the offending roots without putting the tree at risk. Or, they may recommend burying the roots in some additional soil and compacting it so they don't become exposed again.

Low Branches

Some species of trees naturally have higher branches and plenty of space beneath them. Other species of trees tend to grow branches lower to the ground. This isn't always a problem, but if the low branches are on a tree you walk under and need to mow under, they can get in the way. Removing them can be hard on the tree if they make up a significant portion of the tree's growth.

However, a tree service can take a look, determine how much is safe to remove at once, and then devise a systematic plan to get rid of these low branches over time. It may take a few years or progressive trimming to change the tree's shape, but it can usually be done.

Tree care services are there for you when you need them. If your tree has exposed roots or some low branches that you're worried about, don't hesitate to give a local tree service a call and ask their opinion.