What Do You Do If You Find An Emerald Ash Borer In Your Yard?

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What Do You Do If You Find An Emerald Ash Borer In Your Yard?

12 May 2022
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An emerald ash borer is an easy bug to spot: the long and vibrant emerald green beetle is an exotic species that is both beautiful to look at and frightening to discover in your yard. Why? This beautiful and intriguing insect is a parasite to the ash tree. A single insect found in your yard is cause for alarm if you have ash trees or if your neighbors have them, and with 35 states affected by this insect, you may end up having one in your yard.

What do you do if you find an emerald ash borer in your yard? The answer may sound extreme, but it's necessary to act quickly to protect your ash trees or to keep this parasitic insect from destroying every ash tree in your area. Emerald ash borer treatment should only be done by a professional, and here's what you need to do should you find one of these insects on your property or anywhere else.

Call your local wildlife authorities

There's likely a group or organization in your area dedicated to tracking the emerald ash borer so it can be eliminated and controlled. Call your local wildlife authorities to report the emerald ash borer sighting. You'll give the location, how many emerald ash borers you saw, and a description of the insects so emerald ash borer management can commence.

Call an emerald ash borer expert

A tree service company can be skilled in emerald ash borer treatment, so get a referral to a specialist in your area to treat your trees fast. Trees that are affected will have insects on them and deep grooves in the bark where the borer thrives. These trees will need to be treated, and if they have to be cut down, the wood will have to be destroyed since the wood cannot be used for firewood or other uses.

Be prepared to lose trees

If you can remove an entire emerald ash borer population off your land before an infestation has fully begun, then this is good news for your ash trees. If not, be prepared to have your trees destroyed if they cannot be properly treated. Emerald ash borer prevention is best to keep these insects off your land, so it's best if you are willing to do everything necessary to keep these insects away from your trees, even if it means losing some of your older and most prized ash trees. Once you have your emerald ash borer issue under control, continue regular prevention treatments to keep this insect at bay.

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