5 Smart Stump Removal Techniques

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5 Smart Stump Removal Techniques

25 April 2022
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When you cut down a tree, a stump may remain. This can be difficult to remove once it has become overgrown with grass and weeds. This can also be a hazard to individuals who mow the lawn and do not see the stump. Find smart, easy, and affordable techniques for stump removal below.

1. Stump Grinding

The best way of removing a stump is by stump grinding it into mulch. Tree experts undertake stump grinding using a stump grinder attached to a chipping machine. This machine will grind through the wood of the stump and form wood chips.

You first have to access a chipper and grinder by hiring tree removal services. The grinder will ensure no rocks or roots get left behind when you remove the stump. The chipper will chip away at any remaining roots.

2. Chemical Removal

Chemical removal needs a tree service professional to drill holes into the stump. After that, the professional pours stump removal chemicals into the holes. Stump remover takes weeks to dissolve the stump fully. As long as the stump doesn't regrow, this is a safe and effective method of stump removal from your garden or yard.

3. Burning

The most common way of tree stump removal is by burning out. The advantages of burning are that it's very cost-effective and you don't need to buy any specialized tools. Burning is best done in the spring or fall when there are no leaves on the ground and no wet wood.

You also need permission from your local government before you burn the tree stump. Also, if you live in an area with drought, this may not be an option for you, as many areas do not allow any open flames during these times.

4. Girdling

Girdling is a method that involves bark removal around the circumference of the stump. This deprives the roots of nutrients and kills the stump. You should perform this method in late spring because the roots will be most active at this time. Over time, the roots will die, and the stump can be much easier to remove or dig out later on.

5. Slicing

Slicing is one of the easiest ways of stump removal. This method applies to any tree stump. Use a sharp chainsaw to cut through the stump. Look for a professional tree service company because they are well trained in using the equipment.


Stump removal can be a dangerous task. Before the stump removal process, ensure you take the necessary precautions. You should ensure that there are no underground cables or pipes in the area. If there are, contact your local utility company to have them marked before the process begins. This will ensure the best results and safety.

Contact a professional for more information about stump removal