Having Trees Trimmed In An Overgrown Landscape

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Having Trees Trimmed In An Overgrown Landscape

25 March 2022
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If you recently purchased a home with an overgrown landscape — or if life got busy and you neglected your landscape for years — you have a lot of work in front of you. Rehabbing an overgrown landscape is not easy, but it's entirely possible if you take a smart approach. You can often do things like weed whacking yourself, but you will want to hire a professional to trim your trees. Here are some tips to follow as you navigate that process. 

1. Clear the rest of the landscape first.

Before you have the tree trimmers come out, work on mowing the lawn, trimming back weeds, and overall tidying other things up. Tree trimmers often need to bring lifts, trucks, and other large equipment in when they trim trees, and it's easier for them to do this when the space is otherwise clear.

2. Have a plan when it comes to saving or not saving your trees.

When trees are neglected for many years, they can develop fungal infections. Sometimes, these infections are treatable, but treating them can be expensive. And some infections are not very responsive to anti-fungal treatments. As such, there are some cases in which the best course of action may be to remove the infected tree. Be prepared for this possibility. Have an idea in mind as to how much money you're willing to spend to save a tree and what your cutoff will be for simply having that tree taken down.

3. Be prepared for the trimmers to have to come back.

The tree trimmers may not be able to trim all of the trees in one day. This may be too much work for them to do in that time period. And it's also possible that this is not the season in which some of your trees should be trimmed. For example, your tree trimmers may not want to trim maple trees in the early spring since this is when their sap is most fluid. They may not want to trim fruit trees in the summer as this can leave them prone to infections. Be ready for your trimmers to tell you they need to come back again — maybe even in a few months.

Rehabbing an overgrown landscape can really be worth it! With proper tree trimming and a number of other services, you can get that land looking like new again.