Three Reasons to Grind Down That Old Tree Stump

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Three Reasons to Grind Down That Old Tree Stump

14 January 2022
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Cutting down a tree and leaving a stump is a good way to save money when having a tree removed from your property, but leaving the stump behind can cause some problems. Stumps do not always prevent continued tree and root growth; they can attract pests, cultivate fungi, and pose a hazard to foot and vehicle traffic.

Prevent Regrowth

Even once a tree has been cut down, some parts of it may still grow or encourage regrowth. Cutting down a tree does not remove its roots, and if there's still enough nutrients, the tree may start to regrow. This is less of a risk with older tree stumps, though these nutrients can still encourage the growth of similar trees or offshoots.

This is also very important if the stump is growing near any important part of your home such as a sidewalk, driveway, or underground plumbing. Roots that continue to grow can clog and break pipes and concrete, so if this is a potential risk, the stump should be ground down to make sure any root growth does not continue.

Keep Pests and Fungi Away

The nutrients within a tree stump may not just encourage more tree growth. A decaying stump is a tempting home and source of food for pests, such as many types of wood-boring insects. By itself this isn't a big problem since the tree is already dead, but attracting these pests can be dangerous for any other plants in the area or even your home.

A decaying stump can also promote fungus growth, which can sometimes be a health hazard especially to pets and children. Like with pests, there is also a risk that fungus can spread to nearby plants, especially those that might be sick or in some way vulnerable; when fungi grow on live trees, it can weaken them and even kill them if not taken care of. Grinding down a stump can keep pests and fungus away, which is beneficial to the growth and health of nearby plants.

Remove an Obstruction

If this tree stump is in an area where people regularly walk or where children play, it can cause a tripping hazard. This is especially the case if there are any still-growing roots that have grown shallow. Stumps can also cause damage to tires and vehicles depending on how tall the stump is. If there are any pests or fungi growing in the area, this can increase this risk.

What's more, depending on where the stump is located—such as if it's near a neighbor's property—it can be a liability if anyone else were to be injured because of it. Grinding this stump down can solve this problem, and can help improve the look of your property on top of that. You can contact a local company such as Live On Tree Service to get your stump taken care of.