Times When You May Need The Services Of A Certified Arborist

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Times When You May Need The Services Of A Certified Arborist

16 July 2021
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Trees are very fundamental to the landscape because they contribute a significant percentage of the oxygen you breathe. They also beautify the landscape and create a cool local climate by providing shade. If you have trees around your home, it is your responsibility to ensure they are always healthy and in good shape. However, tree care is complex and comes with a set of safety hazards. For this reason, it's advisable to let an arborist help you with tree care. Here are three reasons why you should consider getting the services of a professional arborist.

When You Have Storm Damage

Storm damage can be overwhelming for the average homeowner to handle. Storms can blow trees over or force the tree into a bent position. Other issues that could happen include twisted crowns and broken branches. All these problems are complex to handle. You might not know the degree of damage to be repaired, which is why it is advisable to call a professional arborist to assess and fix the damage. If they cannot save the tree, they will recommend complete tree removal.

When You Need to Plant Trees and Shrubs

Another instance where you will need a professional arborist is when you need to plant trees and shrubs. Consult an arborist if you just moved into a new home and need to create greenery to complement the exterior hardscape. The experts will help you choose the ideal tree species for your local climate. They will also consider the interaction a tree is likely to have with the rest of the landscape as it grows to help them determine where to position the trees. An arborist will ensure that you get the perfect blend between trees and other aspects of the landscape for a beautiful yard. 

When the Trees Have Pests and Diseases

Trees are living things, and they get infested with pests and diseases. They get infected by bacteria that cause tree diseases and even regular pests like termites and rodents. It is crucial to resolve any tree infections as soon as you discover them because they can spread fast. Failure to call a professional to diagnose and treat sick trees might lead to the spread of disease throughout your yard. An arborist has training in tree care, and they can correctly diagnose the tree problem and find the proper treatment for the diseased trees. 

The essential step to take is choosing a trained and competent arborist to help you manage your trees. They will plant, prune, lop, and even remove unhealthy and dangerous trees.