How To Stay Safe When Trimming A Tree With A Pole Saw

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How To Stay Safe When Trimming A Tree With A Pole Saw

10 June 2021
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Do you have trees with large branches that need to be trimmed? The best tool to do this with is an electric pole saw, since you do not want to combine going on a ladder with using a chainsaw. Here are some tips for using a pole saw so that you can get the job done properly while staying safe.

Trim Your Tree During the Day

You want to be able to see exactly what you are doing when you use a pole saw, which is why it is important to do it during the day when the sun is out. While it may be cooler to work at night when the sun is setting, having clear visibility of all the different branches that are in the way when trimming a tree is important. 

Watch the Cord

If you are using an electric pole saw that uses a cord, be mindful of the cord at all times when you are trimming your tree. You want to make sure that the cord isn't tangled, and that you also don't run out slack when you are reaching for a branch. That's because you can unexpectedly try to make a move with an active pole saw and end up having your range of motion cut short, which can be dangerous. 

Beware of Electrical Lines

Do you have electrician lines that are going through the branches of a tree you are trimming? This may be a job that you want to leave to a professional instead of doing it yourself. There is a risk that branches you trim can fall on the electrical line, or that you do not know what you are doing when trimming near an electrical line. It's not worth the risk to do this job yourself when there are professionals that will do it for you. 

Watch for Spring-back 

When You put pressure on a branch in order to cut it, you'll likely encounter some spring back. This is when the tree branch will bounce back to its original position quickly, and can cause branches to go flying in unpredictable directions. Always watch out for spring-back when trimming a tree, especially since you are holding a power tool.

Remove Thick Limbs In Sections

If you have thick branches you are removing on the tree, know that you can take them down in small sections. The weight of a very thick branch falling can cause unintentional damage to the branches below it, and is a safety concern for you as well.

For more information about tree trimming, contact a tree trimming professional in your area.