Tree Trimming Should Be Treated As A Preventative Service

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Tree Trimming Should Be Treated As A Preventative Service

27 January 2021
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Most people think of tree trimming as a problem-solving service. They call the tree trimming company when their tree is about to lose a limb or when the tree has gotten so badly out of shape that it looks really ugly. However, there is another way — and, in fact, a better way — to think about and utilize tree trimming services. Instead of only having your tree trimmed when there is a problem, you can have your trees trimmed regularly and treat that trimming as a preventative service. Here are some of the major issues that regular tree trimming will prevent.

Broken and Damaged Branches

When you have your tree trimmed, the trimmer will usually seek to remove any branches that appear weak or likely to break. If a large branch has so many small branches off of it that the trimmer fears it may crack under their weight, they will remove some of the branches to prevent cracking in the first place. This preventative sort of trimming can stop you from having so many fallen branches in your yard. It can also prevent the need for remedies like cabling and bracing to secure tree limbs and larger branches later on.


Weak branches, or those that have started to crack, are the most prone to disease. And a disease that starts in one weak branch can soon spread to the rest of the tree. Having the tree trimmed regularly helps ensure these weaker branches are removed before they have a chance to contract an infection. And if there are any diseased branches, with regular appointments, the tree trimmer will catch and remove them before the disease has too much chance to spread.

Branch Interference

Instead of waiting for a branch to sweep against your roof, bang on your windows, or stretch into the power lines, you can have your tree trimmed in advance of these problems. The trimmer can remove any branches that look like they might be headed towards a structure before they truly become a problem. This will keep you from having to make repairs to your home and structures later on.

Insect Infestations

Insects love trees with really dense branch growth. The dense foliage makes it easier for them to hide, and it also keeps them cool. By having your tree trimmed to thin out the foliage somewhat, you can make the tree less appealing to insects. Most people enjoy having fewer bugs around!

If you start treating tree trimming as preventative maintenance, you'll have less work to do all around — and your tree will thank you!

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