Keeping Your Property's Trees Healthy And Safe

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Keeping Your Property's Trees Healthy And Safe

16 October 2019
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The responsibility of caring for your trees should be a landscaping responsibility that is treated as a priority. However, this is a landscaping responsibility that is often overlooked, and this can lead to a range of problems for the property.

Myth: Tree Branch Cutting Is Never Essential

A homeowner might assume that having a tree trimmed is never actually essential for the health of the tree. However, damaged branches can pose a significant threat to the plant by allowing bacteria, pests, and other problems to cause disease. When these issues develop with a branch, removing the branch will most often be the single easiest and most effective option for eliminating this threat to the health of the tree. Additionally, branches that hang above important structures should often be preemptively removed to eliminate the risk of damage occurring if the branch were to fail during a storm.

Myth: There Are No Uses For The Trimmings From Tree Branch Cutting

After having trees trimmed, there can be a large number of branches and leaves that you will need to dispose of in an efficient manner. While homeowners often assume that throwing these items away is the best option for disposal, it is actually possible to compost the materials or to grind them into a high-quality mulch. For individuals that are avid landscapers, this can provide them with a low-cost source of supplies that they can use around their property to promote the growth and health of their plants. Furthermore, it can also prove to be less costly than paying to have these materials transported to a suitable landfill site.

Myth: Cutting Branches Never Poses A Risk For The Tree

Due to the fact that individuals will often see broken or fallen branches, they may assume that there is no risk to the tree when trimming the branches. Yet, this can be a surprisingly risky type of work as it will expose much of the soft tissue of the tree. This can make it easy for infections and rot to develop that could spread. A tree trimming professional will have tools that are specially designed to minimize the damage to the end of the branches, and they can even cap or seal these incisions so that the tree will be protected while this heals. As a result, hiring professionals for this routine work will allow you to have the tree trimmed without putting it at risk of developing major problems. Unfortunately, attempting this on your own can greatly increase the risk of the tree suffering potentially major complications from your efforts.

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