Is Stump Grinding The Right Solution?

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Is Stump Grinding The Right Solution?

17 September 2019
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Stump grinding is a go-to option for many folks who want to see the remnants of trees gone. You may be wondering, though, whether it's the right solution for the problems you're facing. Let's look at 5 reasons that you may want to contact a stump grinding services provider.

Proximity to a Wooden Structure

One of the main practical reasons to grind down a stump is to prevent it from becoming a home to pests. Carpenter ants and termites, in particular, might decide a stump makes for an excellent base of operations. Once they've reproduced to the limits of their environment, though, they're going to start looking for the nearest place to continue the expansion of their colony. By one estimate, termites will travel up to 130 feet from their colony. Unless you have a huge property or a place made of nothing but concrete, leaving a stump for them to colonize isn't a great plan.


Aesthetic issues are another popular reason for doing stump grinding. Stumps often look rough, and they tend to decay, too. Even a stump that starts out looking kind of scenic will eventually rot.


Stumps can end being directly in spots that you want to repurpose. For example, you might want to install a flower bed where a stump resides. You can establish how much topsoil you'll need and then have the stump ground down enough to allow you to amend the soil appropriately. Be aware of the type of tree that was cut down, though, because some species like the black walnut will poison the soil around them to prevent other plants from growing. While grinding the stump makes for a good start, you may need to treat the area to help it bounce back.

Ground Leveling

Trees aren't just removed because of where they sit on a yard. Sometimes whole areas have to be cleared of them for construction of buildings, parking lots and other features. Unless you're digging out the whole area for a basement, you'll likely want a level space.

Keep Clear Places Clear

Nature always finds a way, and trees are no different. A stump does have the ability to grow back. This process is known as stump sprouting, and the tree can use the remaining energy it has to trigger growth from both the stump itself and from the roots. It's possible to control these sprouts with mowing, but a mechanical solution is strongly recommended.