How To Get Your Trees To Grow Taller, Stronger, And Provide More Shade

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How To Get Your Trees To Grow Taller, Stronger, And Provide More Shade

29 May 2019
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Trees left to their own devices tend to grow into wild, scraggly messes with branches, limbs, and twigs going everywhere. Besides trimming trees to keep them looking neat, you should consider how tree trimming services help your trees grow taller, stronger, and provide more shade. Here is how to do just that:

Cut Off Limbs That Are Close to the Ground

The weight and length of limbs close to the ground prevent your tree from growing taller. These lower limbs are pulling nutrients from the tree to grow farther outward, which means that the tree slows down in its upward growth. Cutting these limbs off allows the tree to take all of the nutrients that were going into those limbs and put it into the trunk and the limbs that are up higher. Now the tree can grow up instead of sideways and down low. 

Cut Off the Dead Stuff

All of those twigs and leafless branches are not producing food for the tree, but they are still absorbing some of it. It is the foliage of the tree that helps it produce food for itself and helps it grow and stay strong. When some of that food is redirected toward foliage-less twigs and branches, other parts of the tree are weakened for it. Cut off anything that is not producing leaves and/or seems dead so that the rest of the tree grows stronger. 

A Healthy Tree Provides More Shade When It Can Grow Taller and Grow More Leaves

When you make sure that tree trimming and pruning takes away parts of the tree that stunt its growth and weaken it, then the tree is able to grow taller and produce more leaves. Taller trees and more leaves equals greater shade, and that is ultimately the goal of any tree in your yard. If at any time your tree does not produce leaves on any part of the tree, remove these parts of the tree so that more leaves can grow nearby and fill in the bare areas or branch out and sprout leaves. 

Not Sure Where or What to Cut? The Pros Know

While a lot of homeowners could probably do tree trimming and pruning themselves, not everyone knows where, what, and how to cut. A professional trimming service does know exactly how to make trees healthier and stronger through proper maintenance. If you do not know enough yourself, consider hiring a professional.