3 Reasons Why Regular Tree Trimming And Pruning Is Essential

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3 Reasons Why Regular Tree Trimming And Pruning Is Essential

23 May 2019
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Do you have a favorite tree on your property? How would you feel if that tree were to suddenly die and you were to learn that this loss could have been prevented? If you're not having your tree inspected and trimmed by a professional on an annual basis, this could easily be a scenario that you might face in the near future. Although wild trees don't have anyone to take care of them, private trees growing on personal property should be cared for regularly because of the following reasons:

Insect damage: In a forest, it doesn't usually matter if a few trees are killed by insects. There are many more trees to take their place and the forest will still survive. On your personal property, you may only have one or two trees. If termites or tree borers take up residence in one of your trees and causes its demise, the loss will be more keenly felt. A professional who is doing tree trimming will be on the lookout for signs of insect damage that you might have missed. Many signs are subtle and you need to know exactly what you're looking for or else they will be overlooked and you'll be thinking that there is nothing wrong with the tree.

Nutritional deficiencies: A tree is, by its very nature, stuck in one place. Whatever nutrients are in the soil is what it's able to take up in its roots. Over time, the soil around the tree can get depleted of various essential nutrients that the tree needs in order to be healthy. A lack of various nutrients can make a tree more susceptible to insects and disease. You may be adding some fertilizer already but it may not be enough or it may have too much of a certain nutrient. Before having any tree trimming performed, you can ask the tree service company to test the soil around the tree to see if anything needs to be done. 

Less crowding: It's not unusual for trees to sometimes grow somewhat unevenly and with more branches on one side than the other. Not only does this make the tree prone to being toppled over by a strong wind, but this crowding can also cause a lack of airflow and/or sunlight to sections of the tree. Since a tree needs to be able to "breathe" and to absorb the sun in order to make its own food, the crowding can quickly become unhealthy for the tree. Professional tree trimming will remove excess limbs, leaving the tree in better health in general so that it can grow even stronger in the future.

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