3 Reasons Why You Need A Tree Service To Inspect Your Tree

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3 Reasons Why You Need A Tree Service To Inspect Your Tree

20 May 2019
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Do you have one or more trees on your property? Are they growing like mad now that spring has arrived? For most people, a rapidly growing tree is a good sign and means that the tree should be left alone. Those who are savvier understand that a tree's spring growth spurt isn't the only thing you should be looking for when trying to determine if a particular tree is healthy or not. There are other things you need to be looking at or for and that you may not notice if you're not a tree expert. Some of these things include:

Insect damage: Don't assume that you'll notice insect damage before it becomes a serious issue. Although you might notice termites or carpenter ants eventually, you might not notice borer beetle damage until it's too late. For this, you'll need a tree service professional to inspect the tree, see the damage, and discover exactly which type of beetle is responsible for the issue. Once the exact variety has been determined, only then can treatment begin to halt the damage before it progresses to the point that the tree can't be saved and will need to be cut down.

Disease: Unlike animals, plants can't exactly run a fever, cough, or sneeze when they have become infected with some type of fungus, virus, or bacteria. This makes it harder to tell when they are sick and are in need of treatment. Tree service professionals have been trained in what sort of signs to look for and which ones are serious versus which ones may be ignored for the moment. For instance, what you might think of as a sign of some disease may simply be a sign that you need to water your tree more or less frequently than you are doing right now.

Storm damage: Strong winds can severely damage trees, though you might not notice it at first. Eventually, these damaged limbs will die completely and then they will snap off unexpectedly during another storm, one that doesn't even have to have strong winds. When this happens, there could be expensive damage to your home and/or the surrounding property. A tree service will identify these dead or dying limbs, whatever the cause, and will be able to remove them from the tree before they get to the point where they could be causing damage to your home and the surrounding area.