Important Things to Know About Trimming Your Trees

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Important Things to Know About Trimming Your Trees

13 May 2019
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Tree trimming sounds like a simple job, but there are actually many things you need to consider before making a cut. Trimming the wrong way could make the tree susceptible to diseases or affect the growth of the tree the following season. You want the trees around your home to be beautiful and add value to your property, so their appearance is also important. For that reason, you may want professional help over the years when it comes to trimming the trees into shape. Here are some important things to know.

The Health Of The Tree Should Be Protected

Trimming a tree can expose it to diseases and insects that can cause harm. If you trim away dying branches from a tree, clean the tool before using it to trim healthy branches in another location so you don't spread diseases. Also, the method and location of the cut are important, and you don't want to shred the bark, so sharp tools are essential. Choosing the right place to make the cuts helps protect the health of the tree and controls future growth. This is one reason a professional tree trimmer is worth the investment. They have the experience to know how a cut will affect the future of your tree.

The Dormant Season Is A Good Time To Trim

If you want to trim a tree to control its shape, the dormant season is a good time to do this. When the tree is free of leaves, its internal structure can be seen easily. This allows the tree trimming service to pinpoint the branches that need to go. It's especially important to trim flowering trees at the right time of year. Trimming can promote more vigorous growth when done during the right time of the growing cycle, and when done during the wrong time, the tree may not produce as many flowers or as much fruit.

Trees Can Be Trimmed Any Season When Needed

Trees can be trimmed any season of the year when they need to have dead or dying branches removed. They should also be trimmed when they pose problems such as getting too close to the roof. Sometimes, problems with trees can't be seen until the leaves are on and the tree is growing. If a tree is heading toward power lines, leaning, growing toward your house, or making so much shade that mold and algae are constant problems, then call a tree trimming company to correct the situation even if it's the middle of summer.

You may also need to have a tree trimmed after a storm or when a storm causes branches to rub together and rip off the bark. Since removing a tree can be more expensive than maintenance, it pays to keep your trees healthy and in good shape. Some trees grow fast while others grow more slowly, but you will need to have the trees on your property trimmed and cleared of dead branches periodically over their lives so they look their best and stay healthy, regardless of how fast they grow.