Raising The Crowns Of Your Unruly Trees Makes More Room For Your Cars And For Walking

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Raising The Crowns Of Your Unruly Trees Makes More Room For Your Cars And For Walking

10 May 2019
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If the trees in your front yard are getting bigger and bushier, they may get in the way of using your driveway or working in the yard. While you might lop off the lower limbs to keep them out of your way, a better solution might be to have the trees raised. This eliminates the problem with branches scraping your car or getting caught in your hair when you mow the grass. Here's a look at how this tree trimming technique is done.

Tree Raising Should Be Done While A Tree Is Young

Raising the elevation of a tree means that the bottom growth is pruned so that when the tree is mature, there is plenty of clearance underneath the lowest limbs and branches. The ideal time to do this is when the tree is young or middle age. Raising a mature tree might cause harm that stresses the tree to the point it can't recover.

Raising The Crown Might Be Done In Stages

Removing the lower limbs isn't as easy as just cutting away everything below a certain height. Professional tree trimmers take many things into consideration before beginning the tree raising process.

One of them is the amount of lower limbs that need to be removed. Only a certain percentage of tree branches can be trimmed at any one time in order to keep from stressing the tree.

If your tree has many branches or limbs to remove, then the process may need to be spread out over a few growing seasons. However, with the lowest ones being removed first, you'll have improved clearance right away.

There's A Limit To How Much Growth Can Be Removed

The tree trimming service takes into account the expected height of the tree when it's mature to determine how much of the crown can be cut away. If a large portion of the crown needs to go, then it may be best to remove the tree completely.

With the weight of the crown at the very top of the tree, the tree will be unstable and may topple in high winds. The trimmers make sure weight is distributed properly across the tree after trimming, and that may include leaving some large limbs in place near the middle of the tree.

If you battle lower tree branches every summer when they are heavy with leaves and in a growing phase, then consider having your trees raised to end the annoyance and to protect the trees from needing major work when they mature. As a bonus, with the lower limbs removed and the trees trimmed so they don't bother your house or driveway, you can eliminate the yearly chore of trimming back unruly branches. For more information, contact a tree trimming service.