Steps For Dealing With A Tree That's Damaged By A Bad Storm

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Steps For Dealing With A Tree That's Damaged By A Bad Storm

9 May 2019
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A bad storm is frightening enough, but when a tree comes crashing down in the wind and rain, it can be a traumatic experience. Even when the storm is over, you may still be stressed about what to do with a huge tree in your yard. Here are some suggestions for how to deal with a tree that's had storm damage.

Call The Power Company If Necessary

The first thing you want to do is establish a safety zone around the tree so no one goes near it. Even if the tree looks stable, it could shift and hurt someone. Also, if the tree is tangled in power lines, you could have a dangerous situation to deal with. If the tree affected the power lines when it fell, call the power company and report it.

Send Pictures To Your Insurance Company

Next, take pictures of the damage so you can explain what happened to the insurance company and find out what you should do about the tree and damage to your home or car. You may be able to hire a tree removal company next and let the company bill your insurance, but you'll want to find out for sure if that's possible.

Hire A Tree Removal Expert

If the tree is in power lines, the tree removal company has to wait until the power company makes it possible to start work on the tree. First, a tree expert looks at the situation to see if you need emergency work done. If the tree is on a road or crashed on your house, then work might begin right away. If the tree is resting flat on the ground and not posing an immediate danger, the crew may chop up your tree after other dangerous situations have been cleared.

The part of the tree that's on the ground may be cut into smaller pieces and removed. Then, the remaining part of the standing tree may be taken down. Removing a tree that's been damaged by a storm is unpredictable work since the tree isn't stable. The work may go more slowly and even cost more than simply removing an undamaged tree under less stressful conditions. When the tree is cut up, the large pieces may be lifted into a truck and hauled away. It's also possible that they'll be stacked in your yard to be picked up later. If there are many other damaged trees in your area, the company may work in a way that is efficient and benefits your neighborhood the most.