3 Surefire Signs You Need An Arborist

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3 Surefire Signs You Need An Arborist

8 May 2019
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Trees are important for many reasons. While they enhance the look of your landscape design and home in general, trees can also add value and improve energy-efficiency. Of course, if they are in distress, trees will not benefit you or the environment. Many people will simply prune or cut down a tree if there is an issue, but there are other solutions if you want to save the tree. This guide will help you understand when to call in an arborist for your trees.

Trunk Cavities

The trunk of your tree should be solid, free of any imperfections or damage, such as cracks or holes. If a small or large cavity has started to form in the trunk, there is most likely a serious disease spreading through and killing your tree.

In most cases, cavities in the trunk form when a fungal infection spreads from the roots up through the tree. Although they affect the overall appeal and value, cavities also affect the structural integrity of your tree. Eventually, the cavity will become so large, the tree may fall over completely.

An arborist has the knowledge to determine the cause of the cavity, which will help quickly address the disease. Saving the tree may include applying fungicide to treat the disease and filling the cavity to prevent further damage. An arborist can also tell you if it is best to remove the tree before it falls.

Storm Damage

Heavy rain, wind, snow, and ice can wreak havoc on trees. Limbs may fall and the ground under the tree will become so moist, the tree may uproot. If you have recently experienced a storm and are concerned about the condition of your trees, contact an arborist.

After a thorough inspection of all the trees and the yard of your landscape, the arborist will be able to tell if any trees are at risk of damage. In addition, they will help determine if trees are likely to fall before or during the next storm that comes through.

Suggestions, which may include a heavy pruning or the removal of trees, may be made to reduce the risk of property damage if and when another storm moves through.

Installing New Trees

Even if your trees are in good condition, an arborist can help you if you want to install new trees around your home.

Arborists can help you choose trees that will grow and thrive in your particular climate while also suggesting options that would work well with your particular landscape design.

Hiring an arborist will ensure the installation of new trees will improve the appeal and value of your landscaping and home.