Maple Tree Not Doing Well? 2 Possible Reasons And What You Can Do

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Maple Tree Not Doing Well? 2 Possible Reasons And What You Can Do

7 May 2019
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If you have a maple tree that is not doing well for you, there can be many reasons for this. Below are two of these reasons, along with what you can do to help your tree get healthy again. You can then have a tree that grows well for you so it will continue to provide shade for you and your family.

Not Trimming Properly

Tree trimming is important, especially if your maple tree is large. This is because if the canopy becomes too wide and thick sun and rain are not able to get through the tree to get below the canopy. Without sun the tree will not grow well and without rain the tree may not be getting enough moisture.

Also, if there are any dead branches this can affect your tree if the branches are diseased in any way, as the disease will spread. Dead branches will also take away from the aesthetics of the tree.

Hire a tree trimming service to trim your maple tree for you instead of doing it on your own. This service has the right equipment to do the job properly. They also know how to trim it to thin out the canopy and give the tree a good shape.

If the tree service finds the tree is diseased in any way and the disease is going to kill the tree, they will suggest that you have it removed. If they do not remove the tree this disease or fungus could spread to other trees in your yard causing more problems for you. Ask the tree removal service to also grind the stump down when they finish removing your tree.

Lack of Nutrients

The maple tree may not be getting enough nutrients to grow well. This is especially true if your soil is not in good condition. If you are the type of person that constantly picks up leaves, barks, twigs, etc., from your yard, you may want to rethink this. Even though these things may make your yard look a little unsightly they are good for your maple tree. This is because when the leaves, barks, and twigs break down they provide nutrients into the soil. Besides this, there is likely grass surrounding your maple tree. If so, the grass is competing with the tree for nutrients.

To take care of this problem you need to fertilizer your tree immediately. You can find tree fertilizer at garden centers or online. When shopping, find a fertilizer that has controlled release, which is a slow release, and a low burn. A slow release is beneficial as it will slowly provide your tree with fertilizer throughout the growing season.

The fertilizer you purchase should have three main nutrients: potassium (K), phosphorus (P), and nitrogen (N). Most fertilizers you find will have a blend of these nutrients. Amino acid is another beneficial nutrient found in some fertilizers. The acid helps the tree keep its nutrients if there is a lack of rain or if you fail to water your maple tree when needed.

Talk with the tree service company that you hire to learn more information on how to properly care for your maple tree.