Things To Think About When You're Considering Sprinkler Installation

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Things To Think About When You're Considering Sprinkler Installation

1 May 2019
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With spring settling in across the country, many homeowners are starting to make their lawncare plans. If you are among them and have been considering installing a sprinkler system to irrigate your lawn and help your garden, there are some things you should consider. Here are a couple of key things to explore as you start debating a sprinkler system installation.

Are You Looking For Automation?

One of the things that will narrow your options is whether or not you're looking for automation in your sprinkler system. If you're the type that simply doesn't have time to babysit the sprinklers every day, or you have only certain days that you are permitted to water your lawn, it's far easier to invest in an automated system that will do all of the work for you once it's programmed. If you prefer to have complete control over your watering, you'll want to skip the automated systems and install a manual irrigation system instead.

Does Your City Have Restrictions?

You'll also have to consider whether or not your city or town has irrigation system restrictions in place. For example, areas that are prone to drought will often have regulations in place where you have to install a water-efficient irrigation system if you choose to use one.

Make sure you understand the water flow restrictions and the efficiency requirements when you start evaluating options. Your sprinkler installation contractor can help you understand the local regulations as well as show you models that fit those guidelines.

What Water Distribution Are You Looking For?

Another thing to consider is whether you're looking for varying water distribution throughout your yard. If you have areas that are shadier and areas with full direct sun, those sections will have different watering needs. Any delicate flower or herb gardens are also going to have different needs.

Make sure you consider the traditional sprinkler heads, drip irrigation, and zoned sprinklers when you're looking at your options. That way, you can truly tailor your irrigation system to precisely what your property needs.

Are There Any Issues On Your Property?

Your sprinkler installation contractor will evaluate the soil throughout your property before you determine any sprinkler model for your installation. This inspection is important, because any issues beneath the soil, such as rock or clay that inhibits digging, may mean you need a surface-installed irrigation system instead of retractable, below-ground sprinkler heads. Make sure your property is evaluated thoroughly before you make a selection.

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